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Annual Meeting Poll

Back in March the Board along with the Management of your Credit Union made the decision to postpone our annual meeting that was originally scheduled for May 9th 2020. That was a very hard decision to make and it was made with your safety in mind. Now its time that we have to make a decision again and we wanted to turn to you and ask a few questions of you to help us make a decision on what our next steps are or should be. A decision has to be made on what our meeting will look like so we are asking for your help.

Some of the restrictions would be the 6 foot rule for social distancing, no meal, gifts or door prizes just a “BusinessMeeting” to install new officers and other business transactions.

  • Would you attend a virtual annual meeting (using Go to Meeting)? *
  • Will you attend an annual meeting taking into account social distancing if we have it in person. *
  • Would it be better to have it on an evening or a weekend(Either in person on virtual) *
  • If you voted for an evening which would be the best:

To reiterate, if we hold it in person we will have the 6 foot distancing rule in place, we will not have a meal, gifts or door prizes only a “Business Meeting” to install new officers and other Business Transactions.

Thank You So Much
Your Board of Directors, Management and Staff of Lennox Employees Credit Union